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What is Liberal Detox?

Liberal Detox was born out of the idea that today's world is not interested in reality. That although life itself exposes the lies of liberalism on a daily basis, so many are too concerned with pictures and memes to see it.

So that is exactly what Liberal Detox is. Decades and even centuries of research and data presented via meme and picture. No one wants to read a boring academic paper, but somehow everyday Americans need to reach those corrupted by the media. Somehow we need to succinctly and simply present reality in a way today's culture will understand.

As you can see on the header above, there will be nearly two dozen Detox topics in the initial wave, with more to come. We're launching with two, a two part Global Warming/Climate Change/Whatever They Name the Scam Next, and the 2nd Amendment.

What Detox comes next depends on you. I want this website to be an easy to use resource that you can quickly point to, and one that can be quickly consumed. I want this to not just be a humorous exposé , but a place where you can find uplifting stories and sights, a true Detox for those swamped or surrounded by the tyranny of liberalism.

If you're here early in this websites life, there is a good chance you understand or at least suspect the evils that liberalism inflicts on the heart, mind and soul. You understand there ARE two sides in this country, but they are not political parties. They are those who want to be left alone, and those who want to leave no one alone. You understand there ARE two systems of justice in this country. One for the liberals and government, another for everyday Americans. You understand that liberalism is all about projection. Whatever liberals claim about the other side, they themselves are. You understand only one side is banning voices on Google, Youtube, Twitter and across college campus' nationwide. That those most tolerant are organizing mobs to keep conservative speakers from appearing and their ideas from being discussed. That those most open-minded have been trying for decades to silence and kick off the air anyone who speaks the truth. That those who shout to silence hate want to jail people for not using made-up psychotic pronouns and are actively running a coup d'état against a United States president.

And you understand the need to fight back. Help fight back by exposing reality to those who are unsuspecting. If you want to take a shot at a Detox topic, I'll share my sources and you can go to town. If you want to donate, I'd love that to. Above all, I ask that you help spread Liberal Detox. Spread it on social media and in real life, and try to get the other side to at least open their eyes.

God Bless.


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