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Common Sense Now Gets You Fired

Our would be loving, tolerant tyrant overlords have now decided that stating 2+2=4 is a fireable offense.

In Denver, a columnist was fired for daring to say the utterly untrue statement that there are two genders.

You may have detected a hint of snark. Because if I didn't snark I'd rage stroke.

The Gender BS Detox will be full of stories like this, how the party of "science" and "tolerance" is anything but. Think of the effort that has gone into brainwashing an entire generation that you can choose your own gender, that reality is completely what you want it to be.

Then ask yourself why.

Up is down.

Left is right.

Freedom is slavery.

1984 was meant as a warming guys, not a how-to manual.

Bonus! If you 'transition' to another gender, you get a Get Out of Jail Free card!


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