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65,000 Lives Lost per Month Because of the Lockdown

According to a new study, there are 65,000 lives lost per month because of the lockdown, far greater than the lives lost to the virus. That number was calculated by dividing the estimated $1.1 trillion lost from economic productivity per month of lockdown by $17 million, because the best estimates predict one life lost from suicide, alcohol or drug abuse, or stress-induced illnesses per $17 million lost.

Liberals like to rave about how those against the lockdown are greedy and just want to make money. To which I say, DUH! We're not talking about millionaires and billionaires here but rather normal everyday American citizens, many of whom are living paycheck to paycheck, who need money to LIVE. You know, pay for rent, taxes, food etc. And that doesn't even begin to cover the mental health and wellbeing of those being forced under house arrest.

"We have already seen that doctors in Northern California are reporting more than a year’s worth of suicides in just four weeks. Knox County, Tennessee, experienced nine suicides in just one 48-hour period in March. On the other hand, there have only been five COVID-19 deaths in Knox County over nine weeks! One can only imagine the number of suicides that will pile up if these draconian measures are continued indefinitely until there is a vaccine, as so many liberal politicians are advocating.

Also, the death toll of the economic consequences of the shutdown is just one piece of the pie. As the authors note, stroke patient evaluations are down 40 percent, nearly half of cancer patients have missed treatments, two-thirds to three-fourths of routine cancer screenings have been delayed, nearly 85 percent fewer living-donor transplants have occurred, and more than half of childhood vaccinations are not being performed. They estimate that the total years of lost life per month of shutdown from these missed treatments and diagnosis are 500,000! In total, they estimate that the lockdown, over its entire duration, has caused the loss of 1.5 million life years, as compared to 800,000 life years from the virus itself."

But you don't hear about any of that, do you? When all is said and done, the numbers from this virus are going to amount to, at best, a bad flu season. NOT the apocalypse.

I get the initial lockdown argument, I can even agree with it to an extent. The idea was to prevent hospitals from being flooded, to 'flatten the curve' so to speak. Well good job we accomplished that. So why the continued lockdown lunacy? Why continue policies that have people delaying necessary medical treatment out of fear?

Three reasons.

One, power. Liberal politicians are drunk on power and the ability to force their will on you. To enter into your lives and dictate how you should live, all the while patting themselves on the back for 'being such good people.' It's the reasoning behind everything they do. Two, many Americans-through decades of school and media propaganda-have been turned into panicky sheeple. They hear DOOM from their tvs and don't give it a second thought. Freedom is a foreign concept to the sheeple, and there are no consequences to actions beyond the expediency of the moment. And three:

Liberals will literally tank the economy and kill Americans to be rid of big bad Trump. It's delusion on a scale hitherto unheard of.

End the lockdowns, liberate America, and tell liberals to shove it. -Seawolf

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