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Sites to Laugh and Learn:
1.  Ace of Spades
2.  PragerU
3.  Instapundit
4.  Legal Insurrection
5.  Breitbart
6.  Michelle Malkin
7.  American Thinker
8.  Judicial Watch
9.  One America News
10.  Project Veritas

So What Is Black Lives Matter?

I've shown that Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with saving or helping black lives. Which begs the question, just what IS Black...

The Racism Detox is Up

The Racism Liberal Detox is (finally!) ready. It's less memey than the others, but that's the nature of the topic. Life got in the way of...

Common Sense Now Gets You Fired

Our would be loving, tolerant tyrant overlords have now decided that stating 2+2=4 is a fireable offense. In Denver, a columnist was...

Love Googles Hate

...In other words, you are guilty of Wrong Think and revealing information we don't want our serfs to know...

We Need to Talk about Australia

And no, I don't mean kangaroos or pinky nail sized bugs that eat your brain. Australia is burning.

Oops we did it again.

And by we I mean the lying global warming charlatans. And by 'it' I mean lying. "Back at the height of the global warming craze in 2009,...

What is Liberal Detox?

...So that is exactly what Liberal Detox is. Decades and even centuries of research and data presented via meme and picture...

2nd Amendment Detox is Up!

The 2nd Amendment Detox is live! Click on the tab above to see the Detox and sources.

Global Warming Detox is Up!

The first published Detox is live! Click the Global Warming tab above to see the two part Detox and sources list.